Kosher Cookbook Offers ‘A Taste of the World’

  • Written by JESSICA CHMARA
  • Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 06:00
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Jewish Journal Staff

The attractive new cookbook, "A Taste of the World," offers a delicious sampling of global cuisine. The cookbook, compiled by members of the New Bedford Section of the National Council of Jewish Women, adheres to Jewish dietary laws.

Founded in 1915 by 13 local residents, the New Bedford chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women was organized with the mission to assist women, children and their families. In 1928, the organization began awarding scholarships. Currently, the chapter has about 140 members, many of whom contributed recipes.

"This is our first cookbook, and we’re extremely excited," said President Rachel Levinson, who has kept kosher for most of her life. "We checked all the ingredients and included the dietary laws handed down from God to Moses on Mount Sinai," she said.

"It was an adventure in kosher research," added Maureen Deneault, who served as chairperson of the project. "But it is a cookbook for everyone."

The cookbook has a colorful, padded cover. It is divided into eight categories: Appetizers, Dips & Beverages; Salads & Dressings; Breads, Muffins & Pancakes; Vegetables & Side Dishes; Noodles & Grains; Main Dishes; Desserts; and Pesach. At the back of each section are helpful hints. The book also includes pantry basics and a calorie counting chart.

From sweet and sour meatballs, holiday brie en croute, kugels and briskets, this cookbook has something for everyone.

The cookbook costs $25. Proceeds from its sale benefit the HUG Project and scholarships. For further information or to purchase a copy, call Maureen Deneault at 508-990-2151.

A Taste of the World

National Council of Jewish Women New Bedford Section 2012

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