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As with so many other elements of Judaism, much of the most beautiful and beloved music has been inspired by, and written for, children. "Songs from the Garden of Eden" (The Secret Mountain) is a collection of words, songs and pictures that will delight and inspire children and parents. From the Ladino biographical counting song, "A la Una" and the old country favorite "Dona, Dona," to the Klezmer-ed "Yome, Yome," the songs and styles are as wide-ranging and inclusive as our faith.

Accompanying the CD of 28 traditional Hebrew, Ladino, Yiddish and French songs is an illustrated book that includes the Hebrew, transliterated and modern English versions of each song. There is also a complete PDF of the book on the disc, so it can be enjoyed while on the road. While some of the subject matter may not be so kid-friendly, the music is beautiful and comforting, as is our tradition.

With our busy schedules, we all need some time to decompress and unplug.

Fortunately, our tradition has one built in. It is the eternal gift of Shabbat.

On "Sephardic Shabbat Unplugged," Cantor Idan Irelander, music director at Temple Emanuel in Andover, brings a taste of his famed "Shabbat Unplugged" performance to the world. From the ear-awakening introduction of "Sh’ma" to the rhythmic rounds of "L’cha Dodi," dances through "Shalom Aleichem," "Ahavat Olam," and "Mi Chamocha," a relaxing "Aleinu," a niggun-ed "V’Shamru" and a meditative "Hashkivenu," the album combines some of the most beloved and meaningful elements of the Shabbat liturgy with sounds that come from near and far, taking listeners on a journey of sound and spirit that will revive body and soul.


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